Ranking the Logos of Every Texas College Football Team

We’re in the college football offseason slump, so it’s time to do some rankings! No no, not something stupid like the quality of football teams, I mean the important stuff. Two years ago I visited every college football stadium in Texas. Last year, I made uniforms. So now it’s time for the logos.

This list includes all Texas college football teams in Division 3 or higher (sorry JUCO).

41. Southern Ross State

You have to do something very wrong to make a Texas state logo look bad (spoiler, you’re going to see a lot on this list), but that’s exactly what Sul Ross did. I don’t know why they chose the cartoon font, but the man feels out of place for a college athletics logo.

40. Texas College

Nothing too offensive here, but there are just too many elements. Only the TC and bull could work. Only the TC and the roundel could work. Only the cockade and the bull could work. But combine all three and it’s a cluttered mess.

39. Prairie View A&M

Prairie View has a good color scheme and a solid mascot to work with, but the poorly rendered panther combined with the gradient in the lettering makes this feel very dated.

38. Austin College

I want to like it. It is a unique mascot with a sober design. But the jagged edges of the yellow outline jump out at me (pun intended) and I also noticed that the kangaroo looks like it has a human foot and now I can’t see it.

Another logo that makes it look like it’s actually very close to being awesome, but something about its shape, especially the nose/teeth, looks very awkward.

36. Midwest State

It’s reminiscent of a lot of other logos you’ll see on this list, but the font kills it for me on this one.

35. Houston Baptist

It’s like the old one UConn logo and the new UConn logo had a baby and added orange.

34. Texas Wesleyan

The logo somehow seems too detailed and too abstract at the same time.

33. UT-Permian Basin

I like the shield, but the way the head meets the beak hurts me. It’s as if the entire lower half of his head had been removed.

32. South Texas

Does it look a lot like the A&M logo? Sure. But the tiger head gives it just enough personality to be different.

31. Texas Lutheran

In case you were wondering, yes it is the TexAgs font. And even though that logo looks good, mostly on their helmetsit’s a bit too simple to be higher on the list.

30. Baptist Wayland

This logo is far from groundbreaking, but there’s nothing really bad about it, and the blue and yellow really make it stand out.

29. Lamar

Fair or not, I will never associate this logo with Angry Birds.

28. UT-El Paso

I really like using the pickaxe like T. Much less a fan of the font used for the other letters, especially the way they slant up and down.

27. West Texas A&M

This logo is painfully simple, to the point that I shouldn’t like it as much as I do. But it works in very Virginia Tech kind of path.

26. Mary Hardin Baylor

A very cooky mascot (Crusaders), but I can’t help but think this logo could have been executed better. Nothing horrible, just not much that I like either.

25. Tarleton State

Hey, another Texas shape with a T on it! I have to admit, I like the simplicity of this logo (would probably be even higher if they ditched the bevel).

24. Southwest Assemblies of God

I really like this logo. A lot. If I had to pick, I’d change the yellow and white, but overall a really solid logo, especially for a small school (about 2,000 students).

23. Angelo State

You can see this and think it’s a LA Rams knockoff (and based on the color scheme you’re right about) but Angelo State actually had this logo before the NFL franchise updated her look in 2020.

22. McMurry

A very well done logo. No qualms with the design. But ultimately, it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd of other bird logos in sports. Nothing about it tells you it’s McMurry.

21. Baylor

Baylor gets major points deducted for completely unnecessary notches in the corners of the B and U (which I fixed in this article), making them the lowest Power 5 team on this list.


It may not be very unique/remarkable, but they got rid of the bevel several years ago, which puts them above Baylor. Congratulations on making the top half, Coogs!

19. Abilene Christian

Definitely a modern feel to this, and the purple does enough to make this logo stand out from the crowd.

I mean, it’s TCU in vertically arched letters. Not much else to say about it. There are alternate versions of this logo which incorporate the horned frog which I greatly prefer, but overall it serves as a very bland main logo. But hey, you beat Baylor.

17. Embodied Word

While Lamar looked like something out of Angry Birds, this one looks like an angry bird. Kudos to UIW for having the best cardinal logo in the Lone Star State.

16. East Texas Baptist

A Texas state logo with lots of personality. It’s different and for that reason I’m for it.

15. Stephen F. Austin

ANOTHER state logo, but I like how the letters “SFA” are stacked, and I’m a sucker for putting a star on the school location.

14. Sam Houston State

Kudos to Sam Houston for getting a fantastic brand update in 2020, taking an unusually dated logo that would have ranked near the bottom of this list and pushing it into the top 15. Clean and simple, alludes to both in the name of the school and in the mascot. No scruples here.

13. Trinity

One of the best Texas state logos. I love the simplified outline and the boldness of the “Trinity” throughout it.

Personally, I’m a fan of the non-beveled version of this logo (a recurring theme), but I commend Tech for sticking with this version for over 20 years now. Beveled or not, the double T is iconic.

11. North Texas

A very well designed logo combined with a fantastic color palette. Nothing but good things to say.

10. UT-San Antonio

TOP 10, ROADRUNNERS! A unique mascot used to create an equally unique logo. Feels traditional but also very different at the same time (and balances orange and blue well, which can be tricky to do).

9.Texas A&M

Maybe a bit of a circuit pick here, but I’ve loved the ATM in the State of Texas since it launched in 2012 (and it’s become the main athletics logo in 2021), and of all logos of state that we have seen on this list, I feel that this one is the most consistent. I’d be fine with the bevel disappearing too, but I doubt that will happen.

8. Rice

Sure, it’s just an old English “R”, but it’s so Rice.

7. Southwest

A very recent update for Southwestern, and man it looks awesome. Maybe a little skewed towards the generic side, but it’s done so well that it doesn’t even bother me that much.

6.Howard Payne

Another big logo update (this one less than a year ago). I mean, isn’t that the most attitudinal yellow jacket you’ve ever seen?

5. Texas A&M-Commerce

I love how majestic this lion logo is. Making such a simple logo that looks so clearly like a lion is not a simple task.

4. State of Texas

There are so many cat logos out there, but this one does a great job of accentuating a bobcat’s unique features to separate it from the crowd. This burgundy/gold color scheme is also [chef’s kiss].

3. EMS

Just different enough to avoid a lawsuit from Ford, Amirite? Kidding aside, this logo is another iconic Texas look, so much so that it’s hard to imagine SMU ever moving away from it. That’s all you need to know.


Listen, I don’t like Texas. You don’t like Texas (please disregard this if you like Texas). But we all have to admit that the longhorn logo is awesome. Instantly recognizable, and has remained constant for generations. And while we all hate color, it adds to the distinctive quality of the logo. Most would assume this would be #1 on any college football logo list in Texas, but…

1. Hardin Simmons

I know this choice seems out of left field, but man, I love this logo. The mascot (Cowboys) is obviously Texan AF, but the execution is what I like. The way the yellow makes it look like a silhouette with just a tint of rim lighting, like a cowboy watching a sunset in Texas. Oh my, there’s even a watermark. Well done, Hardin-Simmons, congratulations on the best college football logo in Texas.

Where was I grossly wrong? Tell me in the comments.


Which Texas college football logo do you prefer?

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    Hardin Simmons

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    Mary Hardin Baylor

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    Midwest State

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    Sam Houston State

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    Southwest Assemblies of God

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    Texas A&M-Commerce

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    Texas A&M – Kingsville

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    UT-Permian Basin

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    Baptist Wayland

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