Ridiculously expensive apps currently being sold on the App Store

Not to be outdone by the medical community, some of the more expensive apps are designed for those who work on musical instruments. While tuning a piano has always required the skills of a specially trained expert, the task can now be completed with the technological assistance of the Verituner app.

Granted, tuning a piano or any other instrument correctly still requires great skill, but Verituner promises improved results. As you tune, the app measures each note and creates a custom chord image for each individual instrument. Verituner costs $599.99, but considering the cost of professional tuning services — which can run up to $200 and more, according to Bankrate — a professional tuner could recoup their investment fairly quickly.

In addition to standard tuning, Verituner also offers over 90 historical temperaments, allowing you to tune a piano so it can more accurately play classical music from previous musical eras (via Piano Tuners).

The market for such an app might be small, as evidenced by the fact that it only has ten reviews, but all give it a glowing score, suggesting that Verituner is finding the right fit with its users.

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