Rochelle News-Leader | Kish is offering short term training programs this fall



MALTA – Kishwaukee College’s Continuing Education Department offers four short-term training programs during the fall semester 2021.

Kish’s short-term programs are designed to provide students with the skills and training necessary to meet the demands of local labor. The programs can be completed in 16 weeks or less and allow students to immediately start a career or develop their skills with additional training.

Fall 2021 courses will be offered in a variety of formats. Participants will need access to a computer and the Internet to participate in programs with an online component.

The first is an online pharmacy technician program from August 29 to December 31. 11. Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in dispensing prescription drugs.

Pharmacy technicians can also manage third-party billing, answer phones, direct customers to items or the pharmacist for medication consultation, receive written prescriptions, clean and sterilize vials and dispensing instruments, respond questions about non-drug products and collect payments. Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding is available to those who qualify.

The second program is sterile processing technician 29 Aug-Dec. 4 in line. Sterile treatment technicians provide support to all patient care services in a healthcare facility.

They are responsible for the decontamination, cleaning, treatment, assembly, sterilization, storage and distribution of medical devices and supplies necessary for the care of patients, especially during surgical procedures. WIOA funding is available for those who qualify.

The third program is the dental assistant from Aug 29 to Nov 20 with online and in-person practice. Dental assistants are trained health professionals who work closely with dentists and dental hygienists to provide quality preventive and corrective dental care and administrative support in dental offices.

Dental assistants are trained in the history of dentistry and dental assisting, oral anatomy, dental equipment, operation and maintenance, proper patient positioning, dental anesthesia , sterilization and an introduction to the legal aspects of dentistry. In-person practice will run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday at a local dental office.

The fourth will be a real estate broker pre-license class from September 5 to November 5. 18 in person.

Real estate brokers perform many functions in real estate transactions. From marketing homes to setting up escrow accounts, real estate brokers ensure transactions are fair and legal. Instruction is offered in person from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Kishwaukee College.

Registration for the fall 2021 session is open. Interested students should contact Melissa Gallagher at [email protected] to schedule a phone meeting to discuss their program of interest and possible funding options. For more information on short term training programs at Kish, visit


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