Roundup: Haryana Develops Mobile Health App, Latest Health IT Company Launched, and More Memories


Haryana in India is developing mobile app to connect patients to all public hospitals

Haryana in India has created a mobile app that will connect patients to all public hospitals in the state.

The Swasth Haryana app, according to a report, can store patient medical records, prescriptions, and radiology and pathology reports.

The app also allows users to book doctor’s appointments and diagnostic services; place requests for blood; and find a nearby hospital and check availability of beds.

The report noted that the app, available for download on Android and iOS devices, will not require identification for proof of residency.

The state app will initially serve 22 civilian hospitals and 15 subdivision hospitals across Haryana, before connecting patients to more than 400 public hospitals later.

Tredence creates a health IT unit

Tredence, a data science and AI engineering company based in Bangalore, India, has established its healthcare IT subsidiary, HealthEM.AI, in California.

HealthEM.AI is a provider of analytics solutions to improve outcomes and optimize the cost of care for healthcare providers and payers. It helps organizations with analytical insights that will enable them to tackle the challenges of patient care, clinical care, and revenue cycle management, among others.

According to a press release, the platform manages the global innovation funnel and turns ideas into ‘impactful’ actions with pre-built AI accelerators and toolkits. It covers the full cycle of data management, from data ingestion to data quality, and focuses on improving time to value and self-service analytics across the spectrum of business. health care.

In addition, the newly launched subsidiary aims to help customers adopt a more data-driven culture to “counter the pervasive uncertainties associated with costs and results,” according to Tredence.

“Healthcare providers and payers today operate in a rapidly changing landscape and our AI / ML-based healthcare data solutions can effectively bridge the real gap between leadership and decision-making. HealthcareEM.AI is truly going to be a game-changer as it is designed to deliver value in close collaboration with key players in the healthcare industry, ”said Tredence Co-Founder and CEO Shub Bhowmick.

New Zealand and Australia allow US entry on dental AI diagnostic aid

American dental artificial intelligence company Pearl has obtained regulatory approvals from Australia and New Zealand to bring its dental radiology assist tool to countries.

In a press release, the company said it has received clearances for its Second Opinion AI solution from the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia and the Medical Devices Safety Authority of New Zealand.

Second Opinion software applies computer x-ray vision to locate potential areas of interest on patient dental x-rays. It detects a full spectrum of pathologies, existing restorations and natural anatomy, the company says.

Dentists can review device detections in real time while performing an exam; the tool also allows them to add their own detections and reject unnecessary AI discoveries.

“Our Second Opinion technology allows dentists to do their jobs with more confidence, see more patients and provide a higher level of care as needed. All of these factors drive growth and better patient outcomes in dentistry, ”said Ophir Tanz, Founder and CEO of Pearl. .

Earlier this year, Pearl received CE marking for its device for use as an assistive tool in dental radiology across Europe.

Medtronic Launches Platform for APAC Healthcare Tech Startups in Singapore

Irish healthcare tech company Medtronic has launched a platform in Singapore for medical tech and digital healthcare startups in Asia-Pacific to support their talent and technology development.

Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Medtronic’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP) will bring strategic collaboration in health technology through capacity development, partnerships and networking business organizations.

According to the EDB, the platform places Singapore in a “strong position” to meet the growing healthcare needs of APAC and create new employment opportunities for residents of the island state.

“Medtronic’s decision to establish its very first [OIP] for APAC in Singapore is a testament to our leadership role as a dynamic business and innovation hub. In recent years, we have seen a growing number of medical technology and digital health start-ups in Asia-Pacific and nearly 200 local start-ups, ”said Wan Yee Goh, vice president director of EDB and responsible for health.

Through the OIP, Medtronic has opened its APAC Innovation Challenge, which provides a way for companies to showcase their innovative medical technology solutions. The top five winners will have the opportunity to partner with the company for a commercial pilot valued at up to $ 200,000 each.

In addition, as part of the OIP, Medtronic is preparing to open its Digital Medtronic Innovation Center, also in Singapore. The facility will provide a collaborative space for product and therapy innovation.

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