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It seems as soon as we were confined to our homes our bodies rarely went to the shower, our hair barely saw the sight of a comb, and our teeth forgot what it was to be clean. Yes, our hygiene has suffered, but now that we have to show our faces in public again, maybe it’s time to get back to our usual routines. Let’s start with a new toothbrush.

Unfortunately, while the The World Health Organization advised us to postpone our dental visits until after the pandemic, cavities, plaque and gingivitis were still working their way. Remember, keeping your teeth clean isn’t all about making your pearly whites glow. This is to prevent gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath. But beyond that, poor oral health has also been linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s. It is therefore in your best interests to take care of your teeth as best as you can.

Powerful, with 15,000 vibrations per minute, but designed with an forgiving silicone brush head that is gentle on your teeth and gums, PomaBrush is designed to dissolve stains, thanks to its carbon infused PBT nylon bristles. In general, the advantages of using an electric toothbrush are plentiful, but unlike its competition, PomaBrush holds 1 month of charge and its compact body extends that for another 3 months, which means you will only have to charge three times a year. As a bonus, this innovative toothbrush is resistant to water damage and can be used in the shower.

This review sums it up well: “By far the best toothbrush around. Highly recommended [for] anyone with an active lifestyle.

Compact, stylish and wireless, it’s the perfect travel companion. Winner of the A’Design Award 2020 and rated 9/10 stars on Tech Advisor, PomaBrush is available for $ 104 using the code POMABRUSH, that’s a 38% off the retail price of $ 169.

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