Several Republicans registered in Florida villages accused of electoral fraud


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This is our semi-regular weekly survey of what’s going on in the various states where, as we know, the real work of government is done and where everyone knows she is the mastermind behind Paw.

We’re starting in Florida which is unfair to the other 49 states and territories that can never erase the long lead Florida has in crazy political events, but here we are. What is at issue is Governor Ron DeSantis’ erratic schedule, on which Politics called a putt a little too early. First, DeSantis was simply gone for a few weeks at the end of the year. The governor’s office said he was taking time off to care for his wife, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. OK, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. That he retreated from public attention just as Omicron’s surge hit the state is his own bad luck, because he had a political meal to defy all reasonable public health precautions in the face of the pandemic, even those dedicated to manage the most recent variant. This week, after emerging from the isolation he was in, DeSantis held a press conference in which he was clearly work to speak and breathe the same time. This has led to all kinds of speculation, as you can imagine, like the count of COVID cases in Florida left the stratosphere. In any case, the presidential speech on wood has calmed down for some time.

We’re heading to Wisconsin where they’re still having fun with the 2020 presidential election and there’s no end in sight. The investigation by former State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman was supposed to be over, but, as we know from Benghazi, Benghazi, BENGHAZI !, along with dozens of other examples, when American conservatives to put their teeth in something like that, there is no way to untie them. Gableman’s job was so sloppy that even David Clarke, the maniacal ex-Sheriff of Milwaukee, declared himself disgusted by her, and State Senator Kathy Bernier, a Republican, called it a “masquerade.” Gableman responded by telling Bernier that she should quit. It should be noted that Clarke’s main complaint is that Robin Vos, the president of the state assembly of Wisconsin, is a very incompetent ratfcker. To be fair, Clarke isn’t entirely wrong. From CBS58:

Despite all the evidence, Vos said he does not believe the unsubstantiated and unsubstantiated allegations of a stolen election are considered a conspiracy theory. “I think people come up with ideas, sometimes they’re turned out to be true, sometimes they’re unproven, but I wouldn’t say they’re conspiracy theories,” Vos told CBS 58. “Because, especially at At the start, a lot of people felt – and probably still a significant number across the country – that the election was stolen, “Vos added.

Oh okay. Lord, this state is a mess.

This state deserves a better ratfcker class.

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But, if they really want to look for election irregularities, they should look south to… yes, Florida. Each presidential cycle, we all visit The Villages, a sprawling retirement community that dominates a certain slice of this state near Orlando. Sometimes people entertain us with golf cart parades. But they are also enthusiastic, allegedly, about voter fraud. From News6 in Orlando:

Charles Franklin Barnes, 64, was jailed in Sumter County Jail Tuesday night for casting more than one ballot in an election, a third degree felony carrying a sentence of up to five years in prison. Barnes was then released on $ 2,000 bail, records show… Three other residents Villages have also been arrested recently for vote in both Florida and their home states. John Rider, Jay Ketcik and Joan Halstead have pleaded not guilty. All three were registered as Republicans at the time of the 2020 election, according to voter records.

And we conclude, as is our custom, in the great state of Oklahoma. Blog Official Transient Friedman of the Plains has left for his annual concert in the Bahamas, to the astonishment of the venerable Jack, but he is keeping a close eye on developments in his country and sends us another story about the long range of the Big Lie. From Tulsa public radio:

“January 6 was NOT an insurgency, no matter how much the false media pushes this narrative over the next few days,” Broken Arrow Senator Nathan Dahm tweeted, wrongly, Tuesday. In one longer statement Distributed by the official Oklahoma Senate communications body on Tuesday, Dahm hinted at “left-wing madness” and announced that he had pre-tabled a bill for the next legislative session that would nominate people charged with misdemeanors for their conduct on Capitol Hill on January 6 as “political prisoners.”

This brother is a real prize. Again, from PRT:

In a statement sent on Friday regarding a bill he introduced to ban paper straws, which has since been removed from the Senate website, Dahm wrote: “I have never met a single person who enjoys using a paper straw. They crumble and turn to boil faster than Joe Biden trying to string together a cohesive sentence. They crumble like Mitt Romney under the slightest pressure, and even with Kamala Harris … well, no matter.”

In a meeting along with KTUL’s Tyler Butler, Dahm did not deny that he was referring to oral sex. “There are a lot of different things that could be said about this with her vast experience and the way she got her start in politics,” Dahm said. “Talking to some people, one thing you could say is, you know, you can’t use a paper straw for a milkshake, but maybe Kamala Harris could because of its vastness. experience. Maybe she could figure that out. accomplished. “

Here at the shebeen, we periodically beg our fellow citizens: listen, vote conservatives if necessary, but for Christ’s sake of speed skating, stop voting morons. Thank you.

This is your democracy, America. Cherish it.

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