Several Wareham crashes see truck driver stranded, three injured


WAREHAM – A tractor-trailer driver was trapped in an accident on Highway 25 earlier in the day in which crews worked for an hour to extricate the victim before he was airlifted to the ‘hospital.

Six other incidents also took place within two hours, including a second accident on Route 25 which left three others injured.

Just after noon Monday, Wareham fire crews were called in to a motor vehicle accident on Route 25 West near the I-195 exit involving a tractor-trailer on the side.

Firefighters on and off duty responded to the scene, where the truck driver was stuck and needed to be removed from the vehicle.

According to a statement from the fire department, following a “very complicated extrication” which lasted about an hour, the driver was evacuated safely and placed in the care of emergency medical services.

The victim was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Rhode Island.

Wareham Fire Chief Matthew Rowley commented: “It was a difficult extrication not only because of the heat and humidity, but also because of the way the operator was stuck in the vehicle. “

During this incident, the Wareham Fire Department also responded to five additional calls, including two medical calls, a smoke detector alarm, a carbon monoxide alarm and another crash on Marion Road.

The other five calls took place within an hour.

They were all managed by rescue teams consisting of two engines and a squad truck, while fire alarm operator Karen Metell coordinated the response.

Shortly thereafter, at 1:51 p.m., just after the first crews returned to the station, a second accident was reported on Route 25.

This incident involved three vehicles with multiple non-life threatening injuries.

Three people were taken to Tobey Hospital and one to St. Luke Hospital.

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