Slate Dental launches Slate electric dental flosser

The first electronic flosser to make flossing easier and more efficient will be launched on November 18, 2022 by Slate Dental.

Designed by a dentist, the Slate Electric Flosser is breakthrough technology that helps users improve their oral health by addressing the critical need to access hard-to-reach areas between teeth that electronic-based flossing tools of water are difficult to access.

Cody W. uses the Slate Electronic Flosser which has 12,000 sound vibrations per minute, stimulates the gums and cleans the tongue.

“Water-based electronic flossers are easy to use, but they’re only effective at accessing the outer parts of teeth, missing key problem areas.” said dentist Dr. Danny Snyder, co-founder and inventor of the Slate Electric Flosser. “By combining real, high-quality dental floss with unique, powerful vibration technology and our patent-pending Gum Sweeps, we’re making it easier for consumers to floss, while reaching hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. ”

Tested by over 500 registered dental hygienists in the United States, Slate Dental’s electric dental flosser was rated by 73% as better than anything on the market.

The Slate Electric Flosser’s innovative flosser head vibrates at 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute, allowing high-quality floss to glide easily through tight teeth and into problem areas. The patent-pending Gum Sweeps uniquely contours each tooth, massages, stimulates and cleans gums to help remove plaque, bacteria and other food particles that lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

On the back of each flosser head is an anatomically shaped 3-blade tongue scraper. It is perfectly designed to remove all unwanted particles, eliminating up to 30% more odor-causing bacteria than a toothbrush.

Line heads are designed to be used multiple times and are easily replaceable. Compared to floss heads or single-use toothpicks, Slate floss heads can prevent nearly 700 toothpicks from reaching landfill each year, making it good for your teeth and for your health. environment.

The Slate Electric Flosser also provides orthodontic floss heads, designed for use by people with braces.

The orthodontic flosser head has backing sweeps that easily pass between brace flosses to clean gums, teeth and braces, which is difficult with traditional flossers and very messy with electronic-based flossers. water.

The Slate Electric Flosser can be purchased for $79.99 directly from the Slate Dental website at

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