During her Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson told America that she had no idea what a woman is because, after all, KBJ is not a biologist ( see related article below).

This from a specially chosen candidate because—-drum roll please– it’s a woman.

Specifically, a black woman.

So we can safely assume that KBJ also ignores the definition of being black. After all, she’s a judge, not a hustler. Presumably, if Judge Brown Jackson is interested in defining blackness, she can consult Al Sharpton or Ibram X. Kendi or others of that ilk.

But, coming back to the main question of what is a woman, I think I can safely speak on this question at once because I a m biologist, having obtained a BS in biology, and because I treated patients for forty years as a dentist.

I noticed a certain quirkiness as a dentist, and I imagine it’s the same for a lot of other dentists and doctors. Almost 2/3 of my daily schedule was made up of patients, all of whom made their own appointments. Only a third of my work was devoted to men, most of whom had their dates scheduled by their wives, girlfriends or moms.

So, let’s start our definition there: women take care of themselves. Unlike most of my male patients, they usually don’t wait for something to break or hurt to come in, they are usually proactive. I’m sure this trait at least partially explains the roughly five-year difference in life expectancy between males and females.

Moreover, women are brave. As a group, they endure the slings and arrows of intensive dental treatment with grace, dignity and courage. The men, on the other hand, brag about their incredibly high pain tolerance, before grabbing the arms of my dental chair in a mortal grip and refusing to open wide. If I had to do a particularly difficult and risky procedure, I would much rather do it on a little old lady than on a big, muscular, bearded baby. Women are tough, doubly tough!

I have been fortunate to have spent a considerable amount of time in a wide variety of medical locations, gross anatomy labs, emergency rooms, operating rooms, dental offices and even morgues. I saw a lot of wild stuff. And when someone asks me what’s the craziest, craziest, scariest thing I’ve ever seen, I say: childbirth. I can’t be sure when it will start, how bad it will get, how long it will take or just what the outcome will be. And whether I was watching my wife or another woman giving birth, my inner mantra remained the same: Thank God I’m a man, this can never happens to me, thank God, I am a man! Like I said, women are brave.

They also smell good. Now I am generalizing, of course. But I remember so many patients who showed up with freshly brushed and flossed teeth, and a personal bouquet of delicious floral or Cologneor at the very least, the pleasant smell of their lotions or hair products.

The men, as a rule, showed up with bits of cheeseburger between their teeth and smelled variously of sweat, tobacco, motor oil or, more seriously, Old Spice.

Now, this isn’t a general rant against men, no. The thing is, women can’t drive. They are hesitant and overcautious, often braking on the highway for no apparent reason. The women veered off the road to avoid hitting a squirrel, while most of the men just hit the brakes, wince at the point of contact, then go back to picking their noses.

It’s no coincidence that in the four seasons of Formula 1 racing available on Netflix, there are no female drivers. Women prefer jobs where they are likely to go home in one piece, they are much smarter in this regard than men.

Women like to talk. And talk and talk and talk. I ask my sons how they’re doing and get responses like “Good” and “OK”

I ask the same of my daughter and get a full insight into her life from childhood, her current health, her husband, her work, her colleagues, her friends and their jobs, her moods, her concerns, her feelings, his thoughts, hopes, prayers and expectations. Women are great communicators, much better than men.

Women are also humble, much more humble than men. You have the beautiful, curvaceous exotic woman who thinks the slight curvature of her upper lip makes her look like a duck. And then there’s the guy who clearly thinks he’s a godsend, unshaven, smelling the lawn he’s just mowed, his hairy belly peeking out from under his mustard-stained Yankees shirt. I’ve always wondered why women feel the need to dress up, do their hair and make up, when it’s clearly the men who need help. Why is that?

Women, although clearly more industrious than men, have zero tolerance for gross things. My wife started work as soon as her feet touched the ground in the morning, somehow managing an often chaotic family, huge piles of bills, a house in constant disrepair, communications and schedules with the outside world, and often doing three jobs at once. until his head hit the pillow at night. But if one of the toilets got clogged, or if the dog had an accident, or if one of the children threw up, she couldn’t stand it. These were my jobs. The family hamster died one day, apparently around noon, and when I got home quite late that evening poor Rolly was still in his cage, rigor mortis setting in. Getting rid of dead hamsters, apparently, is a man’s job.

Above all, women make families work. They make parties and birthdays special, they buy the presents and wrap them, they hang the wreaths and bring out the appropriate decorations and dishes. The men, in groups, tell the children to get out, have another beer and go back to watching the game. At least I did.

I’m sure by now that astute readers have noticed that your biologist author said absolutely nothing about ovaries, vulvas, mammary glands, estrogen, that super sensitive spot called the supraclavicular notch, etc. The point is, a woman’s biology is crystal clear, you’d have to be an obtuse, radical leftist – like our friend KBJ – to argue otherwise.

But, as even affirmative action candidates for the Supreme Court have to admit, women are caring, courageous, hardworking, humble, family-oriented and communicative, plus they smell good. Unfortunately, they can’t drive or clean up cat vomit if there’s a human around.

I sincerely hope that this in-depth discussion of what constitutes a woman has enlightened all non-biologists.


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