Stratasys Expands Anatomical Modeling Services for Healthcare


A Stratasys 3D printed anatomical model of a spinal pedicel screw insertion (Photo courtesy of Stratasys)

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing now offers anatomical modeling and consulting services for the healthcare industry.

Affiliate Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) opened its new healthcare printing center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and smoothly launched the new offerings with an invite-only beta testing for medical device manufacturers. Over the past 13 weeks, the Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy printers have created over 1,000 models, with each printer operating over 120 hours per week.

Printers create realistic medical and dental anatomical models for medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers to use in device testing, medical education, or surgical preparation and consultation. Stratasys launched the printers in 2019 and updated them with biomechanically realistic bone capacities in 2020.

“The J750 digital anatomy printer can produce models that mimic the biomechanical properties of bone, vascular system and organ tissue, allowing customers to recreate pathologies not supported by cadavers or animals,” said Stratasys in a press release.

“We can now provide companies with previously limited access to these printing capabilities the ability to use Stratasys Direct’s manufacturing services to 3D print anatomical models that meet their exact specifications,” said Rich Garrity, president of Stratasys Americas, in the press release.

Stratasys said it now also offers full anatomical model design and consulting services, including design transfer and process validation.

Stratasys has two headquarters in Eden Prairie and Rehovot, Israel.

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