Sydney Holistic Dental Center is the premier holistic dentist in Sydney, NSW

The Sydney Holistic Dental Center offers a holistic, patient-centered approach to treating dental issues for residents of New South Wales.

Holistic dentistry examines the deep connection between dental health and the health of the rest of the body to suggest treatment methods that respect this sanctity and work optimally with each other. There are two aspects to this that Sydney Holistic Dental Center considers to be of paramount importance.

First of all, while treating oral health issues, holistic dentists will also pay attention to the general health of the patient. Complaints such as chronic muscle twitch headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, difficulty breathing, poor sleep, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, etc. will be considered before suggesting dental treatment. Second, the materials and substances used in the treatment offered by holistic dentists will always be non-toxic and biocompatible. This focus improves the health and well-being of its patients by protecting them from materials that have been demonstrably harmful to people around the world, for example mercury amalgam fillings. Sydney Dental Clinic uses the SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) protocol to reduce mercury exposure during filling removals. The protocol is considered the highest international standard for the safe disposal of mercury fillings. In addition, the clinic also prides itself on not having used mercury/silver amalgam in its practice for over 35 years.

A root canal treatment, which is one of the most difficult treatments in dentistry, carries a significant risk for the patient’s immunity. Bacteria and toxins can remain in the tooth and threaten the health of the patient. However, this can be avoided if the treatment is carried out to the highest standards, which ensures that the affected bone regenerates and the presence of bacteria and residual toxins is minimal. The Sydney Holistic Dental Center achieves this through careful assessment and diagnosis using 3D cone beam x-rays that establish the exact anatomy of a root. It also uses high-powered microscopy and additional antimicrobial measures to achieve a perfect result. If dentists are forced to remove the tooth, they preserve as much bone as possible by carefully curetting the extraction site and using the patient’s fibrin-rich protein to cover and protect the extraction site for optimal healing .

For patients who have difficulty sleeping and breathing freely, the Sydney Holistic Dental Center also reviews their sleep history and breathing patterns during an in-depth assessment. The dental center will then use a custom-made night device that supports the jaw and tongue to keep the airway open. Sydney’s holistic dental center will also draw on the expertise of sleep doctors, specialists who help patients sleep better at night, to suggest lifestyle changes, breathing changes, nighttime devices and appliances. CPAP to ensure his patients do not develop sleep disturbances.

Patients who suffer from chronic headaches are also examined to determine if their condition is related in any way to their oral health. The center’s experts will assess the soft tissues around the head, neck and jaw joints, as well as the quality of the patient’s sleep. To ease their headaches, the Sydney Holistic Dental Center offers its patients devices such as temporary soft splints to bespoke night guards to relieve stress and tension in muscles and joints.

Sydney Dental Clinic’s holistic dental services are provided during the initial consultation which it says is a bit different and more in-depth than other dental clinics. The initial consultation will include an assessment of the patient’s general medical history, as well as their oral health history, oral cancer screening, evaluation of the patient’s jaw joints, teeth and restorations, x-rays digital images that use 90% less radiation than standard x-rays, and high definition photographs to understand the patient’s dental health needs. The clinic will then give patients a detailed overview of suitable treatment options along with their costs.

New South Wales readers looking for a holistic dentist in Sydney can contact the Sydney Holistic Dental Center at [email protected] Where (02) 8188 3718 to apply or make an appointment.


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