The 10 best video game podcasts

Streaming and podcasts have become one of the most popular passive digital hobbies of the modern age. Podcasts have opened up a new way to interact with content from different creators, while making it easy for people to find more niche topics they resonate with or like to keep tabs on.

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While video games are well established in the mainstream, it is a medium and topic that has become much easier to find interesting discussions on. The game has only benefited from the importance of podcasting, with several large and small-scale podcasts over the years catching the eyes and ears of dedicated fans.


Giant bombcast

The Giant Bombcast podcast logo

There are several great podcasts, from unscripted to scripted, and Giant Bomb’s Giant bombcast is arguably the best-known gaming podcast. Its variety is one of its greatest assets, as the Giant bombcast focuses on game news, reviews, and interviews with various guests.

At the same time, one of its other big selling points is the fun way the cast inevitably turns away from the focus and turns into genuine, wacky comedy and jokes. The podcast is a great mix of entertaining personalities with engaging and hilarious traits that make it one of the most essential game mods.

Superbeast Castle

Split image of Castle Super Beast and classic Rooster Teeth logos

When the original team behind the popular niche games YouTube channel Super best friends play dissolved, the duo of Woolie and Pat created the Super Beast Castle podcast, sponsored by Rooster Teeth. A reference to the old band’s many, many internal jokes, it took over from the original channel’s companion podcast and is one of the most glowing and steamy game talk ever.

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They have a general structure for talking about things like news in the community and the gaming industry, but often go off topic for unfiltered jokes. For the most part, quirk and humor are a great addition to hearing about the game’s latest developments and their perspectives.

Ax of the Blood God

The Blood God Ax and Gamepad Themed Logo and USgamer Logo

Game journalism veterans Kat Bailey and Nadia Oxford host RPG-centric podcast Ax of the Blood God, by USGamer. Both cover a wide range of gaming eras through the lens of this genre. They offer both an entertaining and informative look at this corner of the gaming world and also go over its various sub-genres.

Whether western RPGs or JRPGs like Final fantasy and Dragon Quest, Ax of the Blood God is a solid podcast for those who are seasoned fans of the genre, and for those who are new and would like to get some expert information. It can be an intimidating genre, but thanks to the duo’s expertise, players can potentially open up to several newbie-friendly RPGs in many franchises.

Gamescast a little funny

Sky blue logo for the Kinda Funny Gamescast

Former IGN presenter Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, Blessing Adeoye and Andy Cortez are among the rotating hosts of the Gamescast a little funny. The weekly podcast covers the latest news and trending topics from the media, while living up to its name.

Regular news and commentary brings fans in through the door and they stay for the comedic personalities. The charismatic team of A bit funny games also has another podcast in a daily episode format called A bit funny games Daily, which attracts veteran guests from the industry.

GamesIndustry.Biz Podcast

Minimalist logo for the GamesIndustry.Biz podcast

While many podcasts naturally focus on news, ‘feature film’ commentary and entertainment, the GamesIndustry.Biz Podcast focuses on economic and work-related developments behind the scenes in the game.

The pod is owned by the UK network of the same name and, given the topic, leans more towards industry insiders as an audience than consumers. However, the hosts are exceptional not to give the impression that the topics are exclusive to those in the know. The podcast makes for enjoyable and informative listening for anyone interested in logistics and issues within the industry.

How did it play out?

Split Image of How It Was Played?  vignette featuring the hosts holding controllers and the Earwolf logo

Comedians Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger host How did it play out? for a fun and inventive gaming podcast. This show runs on the premise of some of the weirdest and weirdest video games ever made. The pair naturally make for an entertaining and witty series, exploring some of the more obscure parts of the game that some have naturally chosen to forget.

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How did it play out? also occasionally features celebrity guest appearances. The atmosphere of the podcast avoids getting into cynicism and keeps things light and upbeat. The owners, Earwolf, also host the same How was it done? podcast, which is one of the best podcasts for movies and TV shows.

8-4 Play

Split image of 8-4 Play podcast logo with 16-bit renderings of the host and studio logo

The 8-4 Podcast has an interesting background, as it is a podcast created by a western localization studio for Japanese games. That’s a large chunk of the gaming spectrum to cover, but it’s another great podcast for fans and newbies looking to get started with franchises like Final fantasy and more.

Hosts Mark MacDonald, Sarah Podzorski, Justin Epperson and John Ricciardi cover gaming in general as well as their passions for video games and Japanese culture. Japanese acting alone is a rich part of the medium, making it a captivating spectacle for those with even a passing interest.

What are the good games

What's Good Games podcast logo on a purple background

One of the most accessible gaming podcasts today is What are the good games. The host trio of industry veterans Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher and Kristine Steimer strike a good balance between a fun, light and upbeat show with engaging and thoughtful analysis as well.

Amid all the bitterness and cynicism that people can encounter on the internet, What are the good games is a refreshing source of positivity that has a lot of substance to back it up. The podcast is a relaxing experience for discerning game fans and newcomers alike.

Scoop game!

Blue and orange logo for IGN Game Scoop's flagship podcast!

As one of the biggest games publications, IGN has several additional projects outside of its site and YouTube channel. They also have other podcasts, but Scoop game! serves as their principal.

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Scoop game! Also does a great job of streamlining all of the biggest industry news to the public each week, keeping things in a positive atmosphere throughout the process. Due to the fast-paced nature of the news, episodes only last around 45-60 minutes to maintain the content and a format that is comfortably digestible for audiences.

Play, watch, listen

Controller themed logo for Play, Watch, Listen with stylized interpretations of the hosts

Writer and former Sony Santa Monica Studios IGN presenter Alanah Pearce, veteran voice actor Troy Baker, game director Mike Bithell and game songwriter Austin Wintery host the podcast Play, watch, listen.

As evidenced by the cast of hosts involved, Play, watch, listen is a great podcast for a wide variety of industry veterans with big ideas. They largely cover the gaming industry, but also provide analysis in other areas like movies and television. And, as fans would expect, they provide a lot of comedic banter in between.

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