The 15 Highest Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Four-Year Degree

More and more people are wondering if they really need a four-year degree to succeed – and for good reason! It is very possible to find a great job and live a happy and successful life without earning a four-year degree. I mean, Mark Zuckerberg did pretty well, and he dropped out of Harvard.

Okay, you’re probably not going to start a multi-billion dollar tech company, but there are plenty of high-paying jobs out there that don’t require a college degree. How much each position pays will depend on many factors, such as where you live, your experience, whether you need an associate’s degree, etc. The median salary for some of the jobs on this list is over $100,000, and with the exorbitant price of college tuition these days, you’ll save a lot of money by skipping the traditional four-year course!

1. Realtor

With our recent boom in the housing market, real estate agents have done very well in recent years. All you need is a high school diploma and a license in real estate, and you could be well on your way to becoming one! Income will vary a lot depending on where you live and your experience. The median salary in the United States is $48,770 per year.

2. Office Supervisor

Office supervisors (sometimes also called office managers) ensure that administrative and clerical work is done in a timely manner. Their responsibilities may include filing documents, ordering supplies, and tidying up conference rooms. No formal training is required and the average annual salary is $50,314.

3. Hearing aid specialist

Hearing aid professionals administer and interpret hearing tests and then fit the devices to clients. Generally, all that is required is a high school diploma and relevant work experience. The median income is $59,500 per year.

4. Sales representative

Sales representatives can work in a range of different industries, selling a wide variety of different products. Although you need a bachelor’s degree to enter some fields, often just a high school diploma or associate’s degree is enough to earn an annual income of $60,550.

5. Recruiter

Recruiters are responsible for finding and matching potential candidates with the right companies and the right positions. Although there are no formal education requirements, some companies may require a bachelor’s degree. However, relevant work experience is more important and it is very possible to progress to this position. The average base salary is $79,921 per year.

6. Aerospace Technician

Aerospace technicians help ensure aircraft are operated safely. They are responsible for calibrating systems, installing and repairing various parts. Some technicians have an associate’s degree, but often all that is required is a high school diploma and relevant work experience. The median salary is $73,580 per year.

It is very possible to find a great job and live a happy and successful life without earning a four-year degree.

7. Dental hygienist

I’m going to assume (and hope!) that you’ve been to a dentist before and don’t need me to explain what a dental hygienist does. In most cases, you will need to complete an associate’s degree and obtain a state license before becoming a dental hygienist. Once you do that, you’ll officially be a Certified Teeth Cleaner Extraordinary and on your way to earning a median salary of $77,810 per year.

8. Web Developer

Web developers help design, create and maintain websites for businesses. An associate’s degree may be required, but experience is most important in this field. Another advantage? It’s easily a position that can be worked remotely, so you could earn an $81,000 salary from the comfort of your couch!

9. Subway or tram operator

As the name suggests, tram operators are responsible for operating tram or subway equipment and safely transporting passengers to their destinations. No formal education is required other than a high school diploma and necessary on-the-job training. Because these operators have lives on their hands, it’s understandable that they are well paid, with a median annual salary of $81,180.

10. Radiotherapist

Radiation therapists help provide essential therapy to patients suffering from various forms of cancers and tumors. This job requires a lot of knowledge about human anatomy, computer science, and math, but it can usually be obtained through an associate’s degree. You will also need to pass a national certification exam. The median salary is $82,790 per year.

11. General contractor

General contractors (also sometimes called construction managers) have the very important job of overseeing all the work that goes into a construction project. This will include things like hiring subcontractors, submitting budgets, purchasing materials, and ensuring that all work is done according to state regulations and client standards. Although some GCs have associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, you don’t need them to get a license and experience is usually more important. This job is a lot of work, but general contractors are well paid, with a median annual salary of $98,890.

The salary will depend on many factors, such as where you live and your experience.

12. Product Manager

Product managers oversee the production and/or manufacturing of various types of products as they move from concept to market. They can work in a variety of fields, some of which may require a degree. However, it is also possible to simply gain work experience or become SCRUM certified. The median salary for product managers is $103,150 per year.

13. Wedding photographer

If you have an eye for lighting and staging photography and love weddings, then wedding photography could be a great job for you! You can meet enthusiastic couples, capture heartfelt moments, and even travel. No formal training is necessary, but you will need plenty of photography experience before you can present yourself as a true professional. You will also likely need to purchase your own camera equipment, which can be expensive. But the expense is worth it – the average annual income is $129,131!

14. Air traffic controller

There’s no denying that being an air traffic controller is a very stressful job. You are responsible for sitting in the tower of an airport and directing incoming and outgoing air traffic. You’ll probably need an associate’s degree to enter this field, but if you thrive in high-stress environments and are able to keep a cool head no matter what, this could be a very lucrative career. . The median salary is $129,750 per year!

15. IT Manager

You know the people you call when your work computer is down and you have already Have you tried turning it off and on again to no avail? It’s the IT team, and it’s usually overseen by an IT manager who can earn more than you. Although some IT managers have a degree in computer science, usually an associate’s degree, industry certification, or even relevant work experience is enough. The median salary for an IT manager is $159,010 per year.

Final Thoughts

Just because you don’t have a high school diploma doesn’t mean you can’t earn a living! If you are looking for a career change or even just starting out in the job market, I hope this list has helped you realize that there are plenty of high-paying opportunities out there.

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