The fates of the characters of the association of the strongest monsters

The Monster Association has some of the strongest characters One-Punch Man has to offer. However, that doesn’t mean they can live forever.

A punch may have an overpowered hero as the main character, but that doesn’t mean his villains are something to be laughed at. The Monster Association was on a level playing field, if not superior to its heroic counterpart. Its members were strong enough to give a hard time to the heroes, especially its leaders. Their appearance on the surface and wreaking havoc is perfect proof of this. However, most of them still faced their ends during this event. Here’s how the strongest members of the Monster Association met their end.


The death of Gums in One-Punch Man

Gums was an executive of the Monster Association. He had a human-like physique, but his body stretched out according to what he ate and the only facial feature he had was a huge mouth devoid of lips. Gums was an extremely gluttonous monster who ate and digested anything and everything he could put in his gigantic mouth. He also tended to get furious when his meal was interrupted, like when President Ugly’s punch made him throw up Genos. This became the reason he reached his end.

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Gums got angry because his food escaped when President Ugly’s attack was reflected by Bang and hit him. He took it as a personal attack and devoured his ally. President Ugly managed to escape by tearing the Wolverine in half, killing him in the process. However, President Ugly did not come out unscathed.

Ugly president

Death of President Barf Ugly in One-Punch Man

President Ugly was an Ugmon, a monster who was once an ugly human, and also an executive of the Monster Association. He was a grotesquely bloated man with a conical head and a bulging stomach. He had an intense self-hatred, which was the reason he became a monster and had a special hatred towards beautiful opponents. He was strong enough to handle the best Class A hero, Sweet Mask, without even the latter fighting. He almost died when Gums swallowed him whole, but it became proof of his strength when he tore Gums in two. He emerged as a vomit-covered, half-digested version of himself. This is how he transformed and became Barf President Ugly, offering him a layer of digestive protection.

After realizing that he was no match for the Platinum Sperm or the Homeless Emperor, he decided to part ways with them swearing revenge on them in the future. It was then that he discovered the recently ended match between Bang and Garo. He was about to land the final blow on Bang then unconscious when Garo woke up and made a hole in his stomach. Moments later, President Barf Ugly’s entire body melted.

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The homeless emperor

The death of the homeless emperor in One-Punch Man

Despite being an executive with the Monster Association, The Homeless Emperor was visibly human. He was once a typical employee who became homeless after being accused of sexual harassment. After observing the sky, he gained a strange new glimpse of the world and realized how far humanity has strayed from its path. He believed that the only solution to free himself from such a society was to commit suicide, and it was then that he encountered God and obtained his powers of light. He then took it as his divine mission to exterminate mankind.

The homeless Emperor’s powers of light were almost overpowered, but he faltered and recognized his weakness during King’s nervous speech. He believed that the strongest known hero had discovered that he was nothing more than a human without his powers of light. This gave Zombieman the opportunity to strike as the Homeless Emperor prepared to silence the King. Zombieman began to question him and when he started to confess, God again appeared before him and disintegrated the life out of him.

The power of the Monster Association is undeniable, but it is almost already wiped out. The only living rulers left are the black sperm and evil mineral water, and even they could know their demise as soon as Garo regains consciousness and Saitama also surfaces. As for the merger of Psychos and Orochi, it’s still unclear whether Tatsumaki’s final blow managed to wipe them out. Fans will need to stay tuned for future updates to A punch to confirm their death.

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