The most trippy new attraction in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Las Vegas, look no further than Area 15, one of Sin City’s newest and most unique attractions. When you arrive in Area 15, it’s easy to imagine how Alice felt when she fell down the rabbit hole. Everywhere you turn, an exciting, mysterious or even psychedelic experience awaits. At Area 15, you’ll find a grocery store portal to another universe, a distillery filled with magicians and burlesque dancers, a ride that lifts you 130 feet into the air, and much more. Here’s a quick rundown of the best things to do in Area 15 in Las Vegas.

ten Wink of the world

Created by Chris Wink, co-founder of the legendary Blue Man Group (one of Las Vegas’ most popular shows), Wink World is an art experience like no other. Inside, you’ll find six different areas filled with infinity mirrors. Each immerses you in a different universe swirling with light, color, movement and song. It’s a carnival for the senses. If you’re looking for a way to engage with art outside the confines of a museum, look no further. It’s an artistic experience that even non-art lovers will be able to resist.

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9 Las Vegas Illuminarium

Illuminarium Las Vegas is like a 3D movie on steroids. Ticket holders are escorted into an L-shaped room where they can make themselves comfortable on the furniture and floor or choose to wander around as the immersive cinematic experience invites them on an adventure. The floor vibrates, sound swirls around you, and even a scent can be released, transporting you to another world. Experiences change frequently and include space travel and safaris across Africa, so you’ll always have a reason to return. If you get hungry afterwards, the Lumin Cafe and Kitchen offers food and cocktails. There is also an outdoor patio for sunny days.

8 bird

Have you ever wanted to be a bird? You can try your luck at area 15! Birdly is a flight simulator that replicates avian flight. The simulator itself is a modern work of art resembling a steam-punk style bird. Once inside, you lie on your stomach, don feathered wings and VR goggles as a gentle breeze carries you virtually through the air. There are several experiences to choose from, including a trip to New York or a flight that takes you to a land filled with dinosaurs in the Jurassic period.

seven Mall

Emporium combines old-school arcade games with a psychedelic aesthetic for an experience that feels both nostalgic and modern. You will also find pool tables, foosball and live music on certain dates. Come thirsty and soak up a menu of draft beers, cocktails and mocktails. If you are hungry, you can bring your own food or have it delivered. Reserving a table on the site is free and no minimum tab is required. They also have packages available for larger parties.

6 Lift-off

If enjoying fantastic views with a cocktail in hand is your idea of ​​heaven, welcome to Liftoff. The centerpiece of the outdoor lounge is an open-air hot air balloon ride that gently lifts you 130 feet into the sky for sweeping views of Sin City and the desert. Once in the air, your seat will rotate, providing new perspectives before descending back to the platform. This unique aerial experience is especially rewarding at night when the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip contrast against the dark skies.

5 Todd English’s Beast

James Beard-winning chef Todd English created The Beast by Todd English as a food hall where he could test out menu items for his restaurants, but make no mistake; this restaurant is quintessentially Area 15. The decor is artsy, elaborate, and colorful, and the dishes are as artfully prepared as their surroundings. From colorful cocktails laden with toppings to smoked meats and vegan dishes, the menu is as varied as it is appealing. If you just fancy a light bite, happy hour is Monday-Thursday 4-6pm.

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4 A lot

If you’re short on time or doing Las Vegas on a budget, you’ll be happy to know that not all Area 15 attractions require visitors to pay a fee. A-Lot, at the front of the building, is filled with huge sculptures that look like they were lifted from the sands of Burning Man and dropped onto the concrete of Las Vegas. While you’re there, be sure to take a look at the colorful murals at the back of the building. Since Area-15 is only a five-minute drive from the Strip, it’s a great way to get a feel for the energy of the place without a serious time commitment.

3 Special events

As if its myriad of permanent attractions weren’t enough, Area 15 is also host to an array of special events throughout the year. Outdoor concerts in the A-lot, indoor concerts, immersive art exhibits, extreme cruising, and interactive movie viewings are often part of Zone-15’s rotating schedule. Some events are long-term commitments, while others are for one night only. If you need a break from the Strip, Las Vegas’ hottest new attraction is also the city’s hottest new entertainment venue.

2 Distillery of Lost Spirits

As soon as you walk into the Lost Spirits Distillery, you’ll know this isn’t your mom’s distillery tour. Visitors walk through the curtain into a series of dimly lit hallways and rooms filled with vaudeville acts, burlesque dancers, magicians and, of course, booze. There is even a submarine that will take you 20,000 leagues under the sea. Tastings are included in the price of admission, and full-size cocktails are available for purchase. If you’re celebrating a special occasion (or even if you’re not), make reservations for the intimate Lost Spirits Distillery-style dining experience. Chef Taylor Persh prepares an elaborate sixteen-course dinner that is as much about spectacle as it is about food. Every turn of this luxury dinner is presented with panache. Expect to sip shellfish cocktails and munch on Fabergé egg caviar. It’s a dining experience as unforgettable as Area 15 itself.

1 Meow Wolf Omega Mart

Meow Wolf is causing a stir with immersive art installations so creative and over-the-top they’ve become destinations unto themselves. There are currently permanent installations in Santa Fe, Denver and of course Las Vegas. When you walk through the door of Meow Wolf Omega Mart in Area 15, you might be wondering if you’ve come to the right place. At first glance, Omega Mart looks like a grocery store, but on closer inspection you’ll find products you’ve never seen – from tangy raspberry blue chilies to bottled bog water to produce with your eyes and the teeth (and yes, they are for sale). However, it’s when you start to open doors and cut corners that you truly understand what the Meow Wolf universe is all about. Behind the glass, you’ll find a world of lights, sculptures, stairs, slides, interactive exhibits and, best of all, a mystery to solve.

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