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The complex is the new original show from Peacock, which will arrive on the platform on July 28th. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, this tropical resort is full of mystery and conspiracy. From the creators of Palm Springs and Mister Robotaudiences can expect a similar comedic yet dark premise.

The story follows Noah and Emma on their vacation for their 10th anniversary. Noah considers himself to be in a happy marriage, however, Emma feels at a standstill in life. That is, until they are both drawn into solving the mystery of two missing persons cases from fifteen years ago, putting their marriage to the test.


William Jackson Harper

William Jackson Harper is set to play the lead role of Noah, the husband of a stagnant marriage. Harper has appeared in more shows and movies in recent years, with one of her biggest roles being Chidi Anagonye in The right place.

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In The right place, William was part of the main cast of four people who end up in the right place after death. Chidi was a nervous thinker who appreciated the morals and ethics established by famous philosophers. Her character helped Kristen Bell’s character learn right from wrong.

Cristin Milioti

Cristin Milioti is an American actress playing the role of Emma, ​​the unhappy wife. Cristin Milioti has been in many shows over the years, and most famously, she played the mother in How I Met Your Mother. This will be Milioti’s second time working with Jackson Harper on a project, as the two also starred in the special. Dead to 2021.

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This isn’t the first time she’s worked with the creators of The complex either, since Milioti played alongside Andy Samberg in Palm Springs. In the 2020 romantic comedy, she played the love interest, Sarah. On a happy wedding day, Sarah finds herself stuck in a loop, repeating the day over and over, but it turns out she’s not the only one.

Luis Gerard Mendez

Narcos Mexico - Luis Gerardo Mendez

Luis Gerardo Méndez plays Baltasar Frías, the station’s head of security. His previous projects mainly include Spanish dramas such as Narcos: Mexicoand his latest show Los Enviados where he is part of the main cast. His American roles, however, seem a bit smaller.

He played Saint in the latest remake of charlie’s angelsand also featured in Adam Sandler’s original Netflix movie Murder mystery. He plays Juan Carlos Rivera, a famous racing driver who meets the characters of Sandler and Aniston.

Nina Bloomgarden

Photo of actress Nina Bloomgarden.

In The complex, Nina Bloomgarden will play the role of Violet Thompson. Nina Bloomgarden is only at the beginning of her career, getting a few small roles in a few films. She got her first role in 2014, but has only just started getting steady work since 2021.

Although it’s not huge, his biggest role is therefore in the Kevin Hart film Paternity where she played the role of “college”. Clearly, Bloomgarden is now making progress in her career, with The complex being his next on-screen adventure.

Nick Offerman

Ron Swanson looks puzzled

Nick Offerman stars as Murray Thompson. As a famous American actor and producer, Offerman has appeared in numerous shows and films, his most recent including Sing 2, Pam and Tommy, and The big North. He has done a variety of voice and live action work over the years.

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One of his most famous roles is as Ron Swanson, the deadpan superior of the Department of Parks and Recreation, on the long-running NBC sitcom. Parks and recreation. He appears in all seven seasons of the series.

Skyler Gisondo

Skyler Gisondo will play the role of Sam Knowlston. Gisondo has many successful films under his belt, as well as voice acting roles and, recently, work on video games. The career. But his biggest roles so far have been in Licorice Pizza and Library.

In Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, Licorice Pizza, Gisondo plays the role of Lance Brannigan. Although he plays a supporting role, fans consider him a scene stealer with his witty quotes and perfect timing to make seemingly normal lines hilarious.

Debby Ryan

Insatiable Debbie Ryan

Debby Ryan plays one of the recurring roles in The resort, as she is cast as Hanna, Sam’s girlfriend. Debby Ryan has been in the TV and film industry since she was young, becoming a notable Disney star on shows like The suite life on deckand jessy.

Her most recent starring role was on the controversial show Insatiable and the new Netflix thriller, night teeth. With vampire shows and movies on the rise again, Debby Ryan is taking on the lead role of Blaire. With Ryan playing the main vampire alongside Lucy Fry, night teeth is something everyone would love to sink their teeth into.

Dylan Baker

Dylan Baker in Hunters Amazon Prime Video

Dylan Baker is also a recurring cast member who plays Carl Knowlston, Sam’s father. Baker has been on screen for years, mostly appearing in drama shows as an authority figure. He played the roles of doctor, FBI agent, senator and even vice-president.

In his most recent work, he plays in Hunters, the Amazon Original show set in 1977 New York City. Dylan Baker plays one of the main antagonists – Biff Simpson, a Nazi war criminal.

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