TikTok is split over this gamer eraser meant to help focus

We’ve all heard of gamers drinking energy drinks like water for long gaming sessions, but chewing gum specifically designed for gamers is definitely a novelty. Dubbed Razer Respawn By 5, this completely normal-looking eraser is marketed to gamers as a way to increase their focus, notes the eraser’s website. When a TikTok user tried it out in a video, the comments section was, unsurprisingly, pretty split. What does this gum taste like, does it actually work, and most importantly, Why?

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“It doesn’t have to taste bad,” said Carterpcs, the user who posted a quick review of the gum on TikTok. “It just tastes like watermelon with a hint of rancid.” Although it doesn’t sound very appealing, the gum comes in three different flavors and it certainly managed to generate a lot of interest in the comments section of its video. Carter then tested the eraser by playing chess, wanting to determine if it actually worked or not. Spoiler alert: it’s a little hard to tell.

Most commentators were fascinated by Carter’s chess moves. The TikTok user justified his choice of game by saying that it is the game that requires the most concentration. He ended the video by joking that “Razer Eraser makes you better at everything.” However, some reviewers have pointed out that chewing something decreases your fine motor skills and gum is counterproductive. Where is the truth and why is Razer Respawn chewing gum better than any other chewing gum?

Can chewing gum affect your gaming skills?

Razer reappearance

Can chewing gum affect his gaming skills, either in a good way or in a bad way? It’s hard to say, but certain vitamins and other extracts are proven to increase mental focus. Razer said Respawn By 5 is infused with green tea extract and B vitamins. Some studies have shown that there may be a correlation between improved cognitive function and levels of vitamin B in the body. blood.

When it comes to green tea extract, it’s no secret that green tea can keep you more alert: up to 5% of its dry weight is caffeine, according to a study published in Nature. Therefore, it’s not a stretch to assume that chewing Razer Respawn can actually help gamers focus, although it can also work as an energy boost for students. Science verifies, but it’s impossible to say how much the gum really helps. It’s probably not a huge amount, but it could make a difference for someone who doesn’t have a high caffeine tolerance, as the study notes.

As one reviewer pointed out, chewing may or may not affect fine motor skills, which would mean the Razer Eraser isn’t the ideal choice for first-person shooters. Although there have been a few studies on the subject, most of them are quite inconclusive. If there is a difference, chances are it will vary from person to person.

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