Trident VIBES Sour Patch Kids Gum has 3 bold flavors

Sour Patch Kids candies are popular for their unique combination of flavors. After all, iconic gummies are famous for having the perfect blend of sweet and sour taste. Now fans of tasty treats can enjoy an all-new product that combines classic gum with the candies you know and love. Get ready to treat your taste buds with Trident VIBES Sour Patch Kids Gum, which comes in three bold flavors that will seriously brighten up your chewing experience, including Watermelon and Blue Raspberry.

The new Sour Patch Kids flavor from Trident VIBES puts a spin on your classic chewing gum with a candy twist. ICYDK, Trident VIBES is a little different from your usual chewing gum – it’s a sugar-free treat that has a candy-like shell. So when you bite down on the outside of the gum, you can expect a crunch before you get a bold, juicy burst of flavor. With Trident VIBES Sour Patch Kids Gum, you’ll taste sour then sweet from the chew once you get inside, just like your favorite OG gummies. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from three fruity flavors: Redberry, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon.

To try the candy-inspired chewing experience, you can purchase Trident VIBES Sour Patch Kids Redberry and Blue Raspberry at national retailers, while the Watermelon variety is available exclusively at Walmart. It will cost you around $3.89 for a 40 piece bottle, depending on location. You can also buy six 40-piece bottles of the watermelon flavor at Walmart for around $21.64.

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If you also want to enjoy the iconic gummies in liquid form, Sonic also offers a special Sour Patch Kids Float which is only available for a limited time. It’s about to be a totally sweet (and sour) summer.

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