USI Affinity 2021 travel insurance review – Forbes Advisor



USI Affinity Travel Diamond Plan, pictured above, is its top-rated plan in Forbes Advisor’s reviews of Best Travel Insurance.

USI Affinity Ruby Package: This plan offers solid coverage with $ 250,000 of emergency medical care per person with primary coverage and medical evacuation coverage of $ 500,000 per person. Trip cancellation and interruption are both included, along with other benefits.

Global Travel Care 360 ​​Plan: This plan is for non-US residents. It covers trip cancellation, emergency medical care, emergency medical evacuation, lost and delayed baggage, travel delays and missed departures.

Intermedical insurance plan: This is a travel insurance plan for international travelers and provides coverage for medical emergencies outside of your home country. It includes coverage for medical costs related to Covid.

StudyUSA-Health Care Plan: This is a health insurance plan for international students. It offers protection against illness and medical bills, emergency health care, 24-hour assistance services and emergency medical evacuation.

Travel insurance Select plan: The benefits of this plan include trip cancellation, trip interruption, 24 hour access to emergency assistance, medical evacuation and missed connections.

Comprehensive Travel Care Plan: With three levels of coverage, you can use this plan to meet your travel insurance needs and budget. Benefits include trip cancellation, trip interruption, and 24-hour access to emergency assistance.

Consult the USA-HealthCare plan: This plan is for people who need health insurance coverage while in the United States. All plans come with Covid-19 coverage and emergency medical evacuation coverage.

Voyager annual insurance: This is an annual plan that can cover multiple trips over a year. It offers travel medical insurance and two levels of coverage depending on your needs and budget. Each plan includes coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation and loss of checked baggage.

WorldMed Insurance Plan: This flexible medical insurance plan is intended for people traveling or living outside their home country. It covers travelers up to the age of 64. Benefits include coverage for medical emergencies, medical evacuations, and Covid-19.

Global Group Protection Plan: This option provides medical coverage for groups traveling abroad. Groups as small as five can be covered. The benefits include coverage for medical costs in the event of hospitalization, emergency medical evacuation and luggage.


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