Wellness showcases continued expansion of pet products at SuperZoo

Press Release: Wellness Pet Company

Wellness Pet Company, maker of premium natural dog and cat foods and treats, showcases its latest work in nutritional innovation at SuperZoo as the brand portfolio continues to offer more options that promote healthy eating. shared life of well-being between pets and pets. Parents.

More recently, Wellness Pet entered the fresh pet food business, announcing the expansion of the Wellness Bowl Boosters line with the new Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly™. Focused on complete and balanced nutrition, these recipes are expertly crafted to deliver health benefits pet parents can see with real, wholesome ingredients selected at the peak of freshness, then frozen to lock in nutrients. . Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly can be served on its own as a nutritious meal or as a garnish, as it is specially formulated to be mixed with kibble for a nutritious bowl that will boost the relationship between pet and parent at mealtime and support all that is needed. ‘they like. do together.

The new product showcase at the SuperZoo will feature product launches of Wellness’ first plant-based pet food recipes that began hitting retail shelves earlier this year. Wellness CORE Digestive Health Plant-Based kibbles are scientifically proven meatless, complete and balanced dog food made with probiotics and whole eggs to support a dog’s immune system and whole-body health. New Wellness CORE Immune Health Bowl Boosters are a plant-based topper that allows pet owners to supplement their dog’s food with extra flavor to help dogs stay healthy and active for a long time. term.

Wellness Complete Health Age Advantage offers two new wet recipes, specially designed for cats ages 7 and up, that support immunity, energy, healthy muscles, strong joints and a healthy coat. Wellness has also expanded its kitten portfolio with science-based recipes that include high-quality protein, DHA and taurine to meet the unique needs of growing kittens, such as brain and eye development, while providing a range of recipes and shapes to develop the kitten’s taste. buds and expose them to a variety of flavors for less picky cats! Wellness Complete Health Kitten has grown with 5.5 ounce wet cans, a new wet seafood recipe and a new grain dry food recipe. Wellness CORE Tiny Tasters’ best-in-class portfolio also includes new pate and minced kitten recipes, as well as new minced and flake recipes for adult cats. These easy-to-use single-use pouches eliminate leftovers and food waste while promoting hydration and high-quality nutrition with proven results for cats of all ages.

As the product portfolio expands to offer greater variety and recipe options, digestive health from the inside out and at any age continues to be a top priority for next-generation pet parents. . The Wellness CORE Digestive Health line for dogs expanded earlier this year with Age Advantage and Puppy to better target the unique needs of dogs at all life stages. Made with a blend of prebiotic fibers and guaranteed levels of probiotics to support a healthy microbiome, these recipes promote a happy belly for aging puppies and dogs, which is essential for overall body health.

Wellness Pet Company’s expanded innovation this year also includes the WHIMZEES by Wellness Occupy line of products to provide dogs with a fun and nutritional chewing challenge. WHIMZEES by Wellness Antlers launches the line as rawhide-free chews with just six primary ingredients to provide dogs with a satisfying chewing experience while helping to clean their teeth. Veggie Ear and Ricebone chewable variants will join the lineup later this year.

“As we continue to expand our product portfolios, we offer greater variety to meet the unique needs of pets, supporting the shared wellness between pets and pet parents,” said Chanda Leary Coutu, Director of Consumer Experience at Wellness Pet Company. “We’ve seen first-hand what pet parents are interested in, including the demand for plant-based protein and fresh pet food options, with long-term benefits that pet parents pets can see for themselves. By making mealtimes more meaningful to meet the individual needs of your cat or dog, you’ll be able to enjoy all that you do together even more.

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