What is the average cost of a single dental implant in Toronto?

It’s amazing how much of an impact a smile has on our self-confidence. With the end of the year holidays approaching and increasingly common vaccines, we can once again go to some places without masks. Anyone who lost a tooth or damaged a tooth during the pandemic knows that it made a huge difference in his ability to be confident when he smiles. When you have a damaged tooth you tend to think that’s all people see, giving you a distorted image of your body. Fortunately, we live in an age when replacing this tooth is a viable option. So what is the average cost of a single dental implant in Toronto?

Understand the cost

Dental implants can cost between $ 1,500 and $ 6,000 per tooth. Because each procedure is performed according to the individual problem, it is difficult to narrow it down to an exact cost. Each procedure can be completely different from the previous one. Several factors go into calculating the cost of a single dental implant; including, how badly the jaw bone is damaged, the complexities of the treatment and even if you need more than one implant.

Why choose dental implants over other options?

Dental implants are significantly more expensive than some alternatives for repairing a missing tooth. However, there are great reasons to view this as an investment rather than just a cosmetic expense.

Dental implants last much longer than some cosmetic style solutions for a missing tooth. Bridges, for example, may need to be replaced or repaired within five years of completion. It can end up costing more in the long run. When placed by a trained professional, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Next, you want to consider your overall health and wellness. One thing that is often overlooked when you consider the cost of this is the damage it causes to your jawbone. The more a tooth is missing, the more wear and tear on the jaw begins to appear. The bone begins to deteriorate where the tooth was and can cause problems to adjacent teeth. If you have more than one missing tooth, it can be more serious than just one and over time change the appearance of your face, especially around your upper lip.

Suppose the damage to the jaw is extensive. In this case, you may need a bone graft before even getting a single implant to make sure it can be placed safely. This can dramatically increase the cost of a single dental implant.

They are almost real

Not only are dental implants made to last, they are also made to be the closest match to a natural tooth. Dental implants are as close to the natural tooth as we have been able to get with technology. Dental implants have been around for a while, but their higher cost has made them an option that people tend to overlook.

Even though they are more expensive, the technology and imitation of a natural tooth is unmatched, so they should be on your list of things to consider.

Dental implants are created with a titanium screw, also known as an artificial root, which is surgically implanted into the jawbone. This connection helps make it look more like a natural tooth than a bridge attached to other teeth or significantly higher authenticity than a denture.

Preparation of the procedure

As we have already mentioned, each person has a different level when it comes to the actual procedure. Throughout the process, you will work with a specialist to help you decide which treatment plan is the best option for you. This will include some things that will add to the implant cost, including a physical exam and multiple x-rays to determine the best course of action. This diagnostic and estimating phase is where you ask questions and are likely to get feedback on what the procedure will cost you individually.

If you are dealing with your lost tooth early on, you probably won’t need a bone graft, so the first step will be to put in the implant.

Implementation process

Now that you have gone through all of the necessary diagnostics and found that implants are really the direction you want to go, then you will be scheduled for surgery.

Sedation is almost always used because it is a relatively large oral surgery.

First stage

The oral surgeon will make an incision in the gums where the implant is placed, then drill into the jawbone for the screw to root. The gums are then sutured closed. This part of the process can take several months to fully heal.

It takes months to heal as the bone grows and binds around the implanted screw to make a permanent connection.

Second step

Now that the gums and bones are completely healed, the specialist will attach a special connector called an abutment to the implant. Then, with a small screw and dental adhesive, the replacement tooth or crown is secured to the abutment.

This part will not take that long to heal. However, you may have some tenderness and swelling just from the process itself. This part is not bad and will usually clear up in the first few days. If you find it too uncomfortable, most will recommend something like ibuprofen, which will help reduce swelling.

Once your dental implant is in place and you have given it a few days to adjust, you can start living again as before you lost your tooth.

Dental care is advancing

Now that your smile is restored, it is even more essential to stay on top of your dental hygiene. The crown part of the implant cannot decompose like a normal tooth, which makes it just a bit stronger than its natural counterpart.

However, your dental hygiene is perhaps more critical than ever. Even though implants cannot be damaged by cavities, you know the investment in dental implants. We’re sure you’re going to want to avoid having to have more.

And even though the implant itself cannot be affected by cavities, it is still implanted in the gums, which means it is not immune to gum disease. Gum disease can damage the connection with the bone. This damage can lead to implant failure. If you are ready to regain that practical smile, you should make an appointment to speak to a dental implant professional. They offer a lifetime solution to one or more missing teeth.

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