Why do we need Binicare water flosser and sonic electric toothbrush in daily dental care?

Today, most people like to use both the best water flosser and the toothbrush combination that will give them a chance to achieve the ultimate levels of dental and oral hygiene. Lately, we have read numerous studies showing that their combination can give you explicit results in the prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis. These are the most common inflammations of the oral cavity and the ones that can lead to the death of your teeth and the need for expensive additions such as implants and crowns or bridges.

Now let’s see why this combination works better for Binicare products and why the company decided to co-market these brands to ensure the best possible dental health for all of its customers.

Water flosser works best with binicare sonic toothbrush

Certainly, flossing can only remove a superficial amount of debris and plaque from the outer surface of your teeth. That’s why Binicare insists on having the supersonic toothbrush that will reach the furthest places in your mouth. The power of rotation uses increased friction to allow the hairs of the head to insert the interdental spaces and to remove even the toughest debris. It’s easy to see the debris come out when you use both methods, one after the other. The limits of using the toothbrush would be when you feel pain on the surface of your gumline.

It will reduce the time you need to clean your teeth

When using both the water flosser and the toothbrush provided by Binicare, you reduce the total time needed for cleaning your teeth. This happens because you will gradually need less time to brush your teeth when you floss all the time. If you keep the Water Flosser with you and use it after any meal, you will soon find that less plaque builds up on your teeth. Then you will only need to use the toothbrush once or twice a day when you go to sleep, and it is necessary to take a closer look at the debris found after meals.

Some stubborn stains and debris can surely be removed

Persistent stains and debris from food consumption are the worst case scenarios for your oral health. They can come on suddenly and leave your teeth in the worst possible condition. By using both the Binicare Water Flosser and the Supersonic Toothbrush, you can be sure to remove stubborn stains and food debris that you otherwise cannot mechanically remove. This makes you more responsible for your oral health since now stains and debris are no longer a threat to your teeth. Not to mention, friction works best for people with larger interdental spaces who can effectively remove their debris through the combination of the two popular cleaning methods.

The Combo costs less than operating each individually

When you take the combination solution for your oral health, you can expect to pay less on the Binicare website. It happens because Binicare always offers better deals when you buy both the water flosser and the supersonic toothbrush at the same time. Not to mention, you can perform oral health sessions with less strain and much more comfort when you have a combined water flosser and toothbrush operation. Binicare remains the leader in this market and will provide you with the right oral care for many years to come.

You can cover the whole family with the suit

It is also true that the combination water flosser and toothbrush remains the best solution to have clean teeth and gums for the whole family. This happens because there is a replacement brush head for each family member. Not to mention that flossing is also easy to apply, even on juvenile teeth and gums. In other words, you can expect younger family members to get used to flossing, which will make them more responsible for their teeth as they enter adulthood. and will have to take care of their teeth alone.

Water flosser and toothbrush use the same charger

You might not believe it, but the Binicare company uses the same charger for the water flosser and the supersonic toothbrush. This is very convenient when traveling as you only need to carry one charger which will fit all the Binicare devices you may have. This charger will need less time to charge both devices at night when you are sleeping. Then you’ll have all your devices to hand and fully charged in the morning to ensure your dental hygiene stays at higher levels and you can get your teeth and gums cleaned all the time.

They can both clean your tongue more effectively

By using the combined power of water and friction, you can be sure that all debris and stains will be removed from your teeth once and for all. This is the promise that Binicare offers to its loyal customers, who are millions around the world. Removing all debris from the tongue tissues is also a great option when using both the friction of the toothbrush and the cleaning power of the Binicare Water Flosser. Keep in mind that your tongue is a very important organ for your oral health which must be constantly clean.

Germs and bacteria need both mechanical removal and water

Finally, it is easy to understand that when we have both Binicare water flossers and sonic electric toothbrush, you can be sure to eliminate germs from your teeth and gums. This happens because both actions can lower the pH in the area and create a completely unfriendly environment for germs and bacteria in your mouth. This way you can say goodbye to gingivitis, which is the biggest and scariest tooth pulp disease and can give you many cavities that will need fillings or implants in the future. Both cleaning methods, when applied correctly, give you everything you need for a healthy mouth.

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