With a strong sense of innovation and possessing a wealth of knowledge, Jessica Stavale specializes in fascia and emotional health while launching a device to treat the fascia system

In an effort to help others, Jessica Stavale is striving to launch an innovative and benefit-for-all Fascia System device.

A very innovative individual with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, BS in Dental Hygiene and BS in Health Care Administration. Jessica Stavale is passionate about learning about human anatomy, especially the fascia system of the body. From the start, she was empathetic and aimed to help others, and some of her near-death experiences strengthened her compassion to deal with suffering. Multiple traumas and car accidents, especially the last one, left her severely disabled, but she fought to rebuild her life and defied all odds. Dedicated to understanding the power of fascia, she developed a medical device to treat fascia and help people eliminate pain physically and emotionally after detailed understanding and extensive research of the system.

She has spent several years studying the fascia system on her own and advocating for a united systems approach and the power the system holds. Since the fascia system retains pain and trauma, it is undeniably linked to emotions, and the device will definitely help people eliminate pain and trauma caused in the past. Having a creative mind and being an innovator, Jessica Stavale decided to make a difference by launching something that had never been done before. Moreover, Jessica Stavale’s hard work to contribute to the community by helping people has caught the attention of many people, and she deserves praise for her tireless efforts.

“I am passionate about the fascia system of the body. I have created a medical device that will be released this year to treat the fascia system and help free people from emotional and physical pain. I specialize in fascia and emotional health. I am an innovator who is not afraid to lead and has a strong passion for helping/healing others. I have a master’s degree in clinical psychology, a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene and a bachelor’s degree in health care administration. I have spent years studying the fascia system on my own and advocating for a united systems approach and the power the system holds. Fascia also holds pain and trauma, by releasing old emotions you can free the body of physical pain,” said Jessica Stavale.

With the release of the medical device this year, Jessica Stavale began leading the education and awareness of fascia and the importance of its treatment. Also, Jessica Stavale is planning to publish her first book soon which will be useful for many people besides the device. Her lively and consistent nature helped her come up with this innovative idea which will surely help many suffering people around.

It’s no wonder that Jessica Stavale is considered one of the most admired women in the world and inspires so many people who go through hardships and strive to overcome them.

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