Worthplaying | “The Cycle” evolves into “The Cycle: Frontier” with a closed beta coming tomorrow


Search for resources and other riches in an abandoned alien world ravaged by a deadly storm, inhabited by monsters and frequently plundered by other ambitious prospectors.

Welcome to Fortuna III, an abandoned world where the stakes are high and the rewards are higher!

Descend to the surface and fill your pockets with treasures and resources. Be careful though, only those who make it out alive are allowed to keep their loot. Keep an eye out for bloodthirsty beasts and greedy gamers – or actively hunt them down and steal their hard-earned prizes for yourself.

Secure a seat on the nearest escape ship to protect your loot. Upgrade your gear, purchase new gear, and complete faction-based contracts to increase your earnings and unlock new combat options. Prospecting is risky business, but greed is sometimes rewarded with the promise of glory. After all, fortune favors the bold in the eye of the storm.

YAGER announced that the PC closed beta of the FPS shooter game The Cycle: Frontier will start on September 30, 2021. Players can sign up for the Closed Beta now (To smoke, Epic game store Where the official website) and start playing tomorrow!

The goal is to complete missions on a desert planet while defending yourself from hostile creatures and armed opponents. But beware: Resources and mission objectives can only be saved if you leave the planet alive. Whether solo, in a team with friends or by making alliances with strangers, The Cycle: Frontier offers the ultimate competitive multiplayer combat and survival experience for everyone.

Due to significant gameplay changes, the high-stakes survival shooter has gained a lot of strategic depth between its cooperative gameplay and PvP, with players having to decide for themselves how much risk they want to take at any given time. Every action can have huge consequences: do you start the next drop with expensive gear and accept the risk of losing scarce resources, or do you walk away with simple gear and risk breaking down in the end?

At Prospect Station, the social hub of The Cycle: Frontier, players will find shops and their own neighborhoods, as well as the three most important factions: Osiris, Korolev and ICA. Each gives players important missions to increase their reputation and unlock new tools, upgrades, and weapons. Of course, you are never completely alone in the world of Fortuna III; in addition to dangerous beasts, other greedy players may be on the same mission as you – and also armed to the teeth.

The life of a Prospector is fraught with danger, but any additional danger is worth it. You can go it alone or team up, but beware, the more valuable your transport, the greater the risk. Proceed recklessly and risk attracting the attention of a pack of devious Striders or a monstrous Crusher. Make too much noise to repel wildlife and you risk ceding your position to another trigger-happy player. Remember losers come home empty handed, so watch your back.

Fortuna III is a lush and mysterious planet on the edge of the galaxy. Once prized for its natural resources, it was ravaged by the Cycle, a radioactive storm that quickly wiped out civilization, leaving behind ghost colonies and forcing survivors to retreat to the orbiting station. The storm is always a threat and yet the surface is teeming with loot and treasure. Are you going to crouch to survive the stormy night or take this risky opportunity to search for rare materials?

Returning to the relative safety of Prospect Station will allow you to secure your loot and hand over your completed contracts. Use your new resources to upgrade your personal quarters with permanent upgrades and purchase new equipment. Set up your favorite weapons with a neat array of mods and equip yourself with the perfect tools for your next drop. It may not be a corner of paradise but it is my home. Your house.

The official release of The Cycle: Frontier is scheduled for the first semester of 2022.

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