Your stepping stone to a health science degree

SELECTING your next step after high school is always daunting.

When you leave safe and structured school for a more independent and mature environment, you have to manage your time and yourself, even away from your family. Also, deciding on a course to study could prove difficult with the many education options available.

If the healthcare profession is your choice, there are many pre-college choices, ranging from college-specific Foundation in Science (FIS) to STPM and A-Levels.

FIS programs can, however, provide a necessary foundation for healthcare students to prepare for a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.

Manipal University College Malaysia (MUCM, formerly Melaka-Manipal Medical College) launched its one-year FIS program in 2012 to launch students into their chosen field of health science.

By carefully blending relevant subjects, FIS equips students with foundational knowledge and ensures a smooth academic transition to undergraduate study.

Focused and specialized

What makes MUCM’s FIS unique is its inclusion of preclinical study topics in its health science degree, such as Basic Human Anatomy and Basic Human Physiology.

Early exposure to human anatomy helps students learn basic definitions and terminology that can be used in medicine, as well as various facts, concepts, and principles.

According to FIS Batch 20 student Ajairam Sivananainda Perumal: “The medically oriented subjects gave me a rough idea of ​​what to expect, which helped prepare me to undertake MBBS.

“Although the professors have delivered lessons online, they are doing their best to ensure maximum learning.

“Face-to-face classes on campus are exciting, especially during lab classes, with well-equipped labs and friendly lab assistants.”

The curriculum is constantly reviewed by medical and dental faculty members, with feedback from alumni, to ensure that it remains consistent with the changing landscape of the profession and the degree.

Firm orientation

The Center for Basic and General Studies is led by Dr. Rashmirekha Sahoo, who provides hands-on supervision to students and personally seeks to ensure the growth and prosperity of his wards, with the resilience to meet challenges.

“My goal is to build a stronger foundation for them to move forward and be fully prepared to pursue undergraduate studies,” Dr. Rashmirekha said.

“I aim to uplift their spirit despite ever-changing circumstances and empower them to overcome obstacles.”

From school to university

To prepare new students for university life, the MUCM Foundation Department organizes a mentor-mentee event in each promotion.

It promotes friendship between students and familiarizes them with the university environment in a fun way. New students can learn successful ways to navigate the same program from seniors.

It also allows faculty to extend pastoral care by coaching their mentees in goal setting, time management, conflict resolution, skill development, appreciation of lifelong learning life and the meaning of having a purpose in life.

problem-based learning

MUCM’s FIS also runs the Posmed competition, where students unleash their creativity by designing posters showcasing their research on medical devices in biology, physics, mathematics and clinical correlation.

Students are also required to produce a prototype to complete their posters using scrap materials. This semester 1 assessment integrates basic learning with medical and dental technologies.

A springboard to MUCM diplomas

Since its inception, MUCM has successfully trained over 6,000 doctors and over 400 dental surgeons, across the Malaysian and international healthcare systems.

Many of his former students have successfully progressed in their own specialist careers.

Through FIS, MUCM hopes to empower young students to become agents of change and steer them towards personal and professional success in healthcare.

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